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Warning, before you untar the Arbitrator releases please read the How-To. Also any items in the Changelog relating to the version.

. arbitrator9.62.tar.gz this is the GPL version. It does not come with a GUI, nor is reporting included in this version. Those items are licensed with our commercial products only. This version runs on the Linux 2.6.5 kernel. No other patches are required since iptables and ebtables are already in this kernel. READ THE CHANGE LOG FOR INFO ON THIS VERSION.

. arbitrator8.63.tar.gz this is the GPL version. This is currently the most stable version based on the 2.4.19 kernel. It does not come with a GUI, nor is reporting included in this version. Those items are licensed with our commercial products only. This version runs on the Linux 2.4.19 kernel. READ THE CHANGE LOG FOR INFO ON THIS VERSION.

. callnetplot version 1.0 for plotting MULTIPLE VLANs This is a user donated perl script which should be used with 8.25. Other versions may be able to be tweaked to use this as well with a little work.
. sanity.tar.gz
Version 1.21 is a watchdog utility type program for the Arbi. You can read the README by clicking here.

. userlimit1.0.tar.gz
This is a beta release and we welcome beta customers. Enforce Bandwidth Caps on monthly/daily or hourly usage, take actions when caps are exceeded. You can read the README by clicking here.

. arbiqos1.1.tar.gz
This is a beta release and we welcome beta customers. You can find the docs for ArbiQos by clicking here.

. apccrond - Perl cron like helper app

. asciiplot2.0 - Perl plot routine that creates ASCII graphs in the form of horizontal bar charts. You could modify the code to output graphics instead of ASCII *'s for use with web apps. Here is the README.

. bridge-utils-0.9.5.tar
. bridge-nf-0.0.7-against-2.4.19.diff for the 2.4.19 kernels.
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. 2.6.5 Kernel Source


Interested in simulating traffic? Please visit our partner Candela Technologies.

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 What some users are doing, Benchmarks and quotes from users

PHP-NukeWhat some users are doing...

-Serious gaming users are now using the bandwidth Arbitrator priority feature to insure they have bandwidth on their home networks when they need it.

-Dial up users with very little bandwidth are using it to allow simultaneous chat sessions during active downloads and the same network.

-Large Universities are using it to scale back their P2P traffic.

-Commercial bandwidth resellers are using it to divvy up bandwidth between their customers.

-Large Trade shows have used it as quick affordable solution to control bandwidth so communication links (Internet broadcasts) were not interrupted by recreational use on the demo floor.

What users are saying.

This product has saved my network.
Penny Rand

I was positively surprised by the ease of use and the performance!

As we are a small ISP/community network in Amsterdam this might become a killer-application to satisfy our customers and save money in the same time... high guaranteed speed with less bandwidth to buy....



The Arbitrator worked wonderfully for keeping our traffic balanced and under control during the 3 day Webbit expo, this was on a 34mbit trunk with 1200 users.
Trnepal Webbit Network Adminstrator

It worked great for bringing our massive p2p traffic under control. I was slack jaw amazed in fact!
Price Hall Network Adminstrator for Western Georgia State (8,000 users)

The arbitrator project seems to be the answer to countless hours spent by us trying to find something that would limit bandwidth without costing us a fortune or taking us hours to install. The Arbitrator is low maintenance and very easy to use.
Eli Riles, Network Adminstrator, Ultimate Information Systems.

VERY, very impressed with your product. Great stuff!
Gavin Young Systems Administrator

Great job on this software. It is going to enable us to allow burstable service instead of limiting each user to a predefined pipe.
Steve Dietzel Northcc.net

The Arbitrator is performing very well under test and in our installed field trials.
Christophe Ansel
Network Specialist

We purchased and installed the Netequalizer and it immediatly cleaned up our network traffic, we have not had any bandwidth contention since, well worth the investment.
Doug Williams
Rural Broadband

We have been using the Netequalizer Technology for 6 months on a heavily used link in Kenya Africa. The Netequalizer has really made a huge difference in our efficiency for sharing internet traffic.

Rajiv Shah

The Netequalizer technology did everything as advertised. Our first installation cleared up network traffic nicely and immediatly improving QOS for the important users. We plan to roll it out on a series of network installs for our corporate clients.

Rodney Rees Senior Design Engineer
Pathfinders Co Inc / Web-Runner Internet Services Division
Abilene Texas

Hi Guys,
This is my testimonial!!

I installed the NetEqualizer in my ISP, save bandwidth = save money!!!

The amount of bandwidth we were able to save , while still providing great quality of service, more than covers the cost of technology in the first 4 months!

Alejandro Gajardo T.
Technical Director
Inter.net México S.A. de C.V.

Benchmark Data now coming in!

The following benchmark Data is from a small DSL network. A load was created with two heavy users doing downloads on the network., one FTP download and the other user was doing a lighter weight music stream.
While the heavy load was active a separate user attempted to download download 12k bytes worth of data from www.yahoo.com (a small web page), every 40 seconds. The graph below clearly shows a 35 percent improvement in the download time for this web page when the Arbitrator was active on the network.
Download Time Seconds

Note: A


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