Arbitrator releases prior to 4.21 Old Install

Download arbitratorX.X.tar.Z to an empty directory /scratch ( from the link on the website), X.X is the version.

· cd /scratch ( put the tar ball in a some scratch area )

· tar zxfv arbitrator1.X.tar.Z > archive

· Use the following shell script to copy the Arbitrator system into your system, if you have not installed the Linux Bridging software in the default directories this may have problems. ( A more advanced LINUX rpm is forthcoming for this step, volunteers wanting to help with installation software or creating other features are welcome by apconnections)

Create a directory /art

cat archive | {
while read line
echo $line
cp /$line /$line.bak
cp -R ./$line /$line

Warning: It seems that in some cases if you copy the above lines and paste them into an editor or the shell directly that they do not get put into the clipboard correctly. We have found that the line cp -R ./$line /$line tends to have weird characters in it when pasted into emacs and you can easily see the mess. If pasted into pico or nano though they look like real characters but are still screwed up. Emacs complains about the characters copied from Mozilla to be some sort of latin chars when you go to save it.

This step overwrites the standard bridging source files, it should only overwrite files specific to the arbitrator but to be safe we suggest that you do not do this on a machine with important data or one you can't afford to have crash.